Data Not Disparity: What fundraisers need, right now.

If we woke up tomorrow and the airports, highways, fiberoptic lines, banks, and stock market weren’t there, our modern society would quickly become paralyzed. Yet this infrastructure is often taken for granted because it fades into the background, along with the workforce of skilled craftsmen, builders, investors, elected officials, and licensed professionals who worked together to make it real.

That’s also true in the nonprofit sector, which relies on its own set of structures and uniquely skilled workforce to ensure that organizations are equipped to fulfill their mission – and outcomes for their communities.  Yet for many nonprofits, getting resources to build these skills and capabilities can be elusive, if not impossible. It’s the first thing cut from an organization’s budget and the last thing most philanthropists want to support.

Put another way, despite all of the software solutions, conferences, webinars, and publications available to fundraisers, our challenges around finding competent fundraisers, retaining them, supporting their efforts to meet and exceed goals, and create a contiguous experiences for donors and prospects, of all types, alike, have not been adequately addressed.

We need to focus on the individual fundraiser, not just the organization.

While many of us work with some of the most talented nonprofit managers in our corners of the world, that experience came from years, if not an entire career, of trial and error – that was later followed by success and achievement.  We’ve also worked with even more well-meaning nonprofit managers whose individual passion exceeds professional expertise – the ones we believe have promise. 

In either case, our sector has a profound education and training gap. 

Though investments to create a higher-skilled nonprofit workforce may not always espouse a compelling case for support or grant application, they are critical for an organization’s work and by extension, yours. It’s a type of investment that transcends conference sponsorships or professional association memberships. What’s more, these gaps present many opportunities for philanthropy to make a broad impact, helping advance the sector’s maturation and, in turn, the many nonprofits that stand to benefit if we simply invest in the professionals fulfilling the missions we need in the United States.

Join our presentation and discussion about what we do about it – together.

It comes down to vision, closely followed by cost. Knowing that, some did some of the heaviest lifting – and investing — to get everything started, and on behalf of every nonprofit manager that needs there to be an us, I need your input on a new movement that’s taking hold in our sector.

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A Deep-Into the Data & Disparities of Our Profession

Wednesday, December 11 12-12:45 p.m. CST

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